PSEC Project Services always has been passionate for Architecture and is committed itself in all architectural practices. Understanding each client’s needs and the specific characteristics of each site is the fundamental of our architectural services. Having the deep understanding, it assures the final built form is delivered with the reflection of not only the architects’ early vision for the site but also the intended target market.

architectural services include:
- sketch design & concept development
- interior design
- construction documentation

by providing our client a comprehensive and continuing architectural service, it allows the original built form concept is carried through to the final product.

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project management

PSEC Project Services and its professional connects throughout architectural, engineering, financial and construction industry ensure each of our project was developed with the input of inter-disciplinary experts.

With more than 25 years experience in development project management, PSEC Project Services has been succeeding in helping our client seeking statutory approvals, obtaining financial funding and selecting suitable contractors in many challenging projects.

project management services include:
- design management
- statutory approvals coordination
- tender & negotiation
- contract administration


development joint venture

PSEC Project Services and its associated companies are always looking for new investors and partners for upcoming projects where we can share professional insights, knowledge and resources in development and construction industries.

associated partners include:

- investors

equity investment partnerships, investors can utilise PSEC Project Services’ development experience to deliver significant returns to their portfolios

- businesses or landowners

passive or active partnerships to enable businesses to realise the development potential of their land, allowing greater uplift to be delivered with utilising PSEC Project Services’ development experience

- families

for family land owners, that have had a potential development site for generations, PSEC Project Services offers passive or active partnerships allowing our development experience to add value to the land and provide uplift

- developers

partnerships with developers with complementary skills and experience, fostering greater collaboration and added value to all stakeholders